Queen-Letter to the Queen

Sun Dec 15 2013 03:5215 min

"Dear Queen Maxima…” the written letter of Queen begins. Queen lives in the Netherlands and is afraid... Read more

Joëlla - Best Friends Forever

Sun Dec 08 2013 03:5315 min

Joëlla (13) looks like a normal girl. But Joëlla is different; she has FAS, fetal alcohol syndrome. Her mother drank... Read more

Imraan is freed

Sun Dec 01 2013 03:5314 min

Imraan was only ten years old when he leaves him parent’s house in rural India. Het goes to work in the big city of Delhi so that he can pay the hospital debt... Read more

Merlijn and the red apple

Sun Nov 17 2013 03:5317 min

Merlijn (11) is a cheerful, smart boy with a head full of ideas. But there is one problem: Merlijn has autism and because of that... Read more

Feifei - hide and seek

Sun Nov 10 2013 03:5315 min

Feifei from China is an eight year old boy who officially does not exist. He is ‘illegal’ in the Netherlands, together with... Read more