How Ky turned to Niels

Fri Aug 21 2015 10:5020 min

Messing with fireworks, ring and run and a lot of football practice. This makes Ky really happy, but she has also been unhappy for years because she has a girl’s body... Read more

Sisi and Wanwan

Sun Dec 21 2014 03:5119 min

The first years in a Chinese orphanage are heavy for Sisi and Wanwan. In the Netherlands it appears that the twins are visually and auditorily impaired. Read more

Sprinkles 4-ever!

Sun Dec 14 2014 03:5119 min

Nicky (aged 12) is poor. Her mother is unemployed en does her weekly grocery shopping at a food bank. Read more


Sun Dec 07 2014 03:5117 min

Nicu is addicted to drugs, ran away from home at age seven and lived in the sewers of Bucharest for years. Now he lives with Raluca. Read more

Gabriel reports the World Cup

Sun Nov 30 2014 03:5219 min

Brazilian boy Gabriël Matos is still very young when he learns that the 2014 World Cup will be held in his home country. He couldn’t know his life would be turned upside down by then. Read more

Under the stars I felt at home

Sun Nov 23 2014 03:5221 min

Ilia is homesick, he longs for everything that used to make him beam with pleasure. Even though he was born in the war, his life was almost normal in Afghanistan. Read more

The lion and the brave mouse

Sun Nov 09 2014 03:5220 min

Nora is nine years old when a missile destroys her home in Homs, Syria. Read more

Black and white

Sun Nov 02 2014 03:5219 min

Jason (aged 12) is in his last year of primary school and used to be bullied. Some kids think he is weird because he prefers acting and singing to playing football. Read more