A Year Without my Parents

Tue Nov 22 2016 07:2520 min

"Bye baba and mama, I miss you a lot. Tomorrow it's my birthday and I will turn twelve. I'll tell you where I sleep and what school I attend. I'll show you everything... Read more

SOS Friendship

Sun Dec 27 2015 07:2517 min

‘They’re not a burden to us. They’re people with a heart and a soul and they all have their talents.’ These words are spoken by twelve-year-old Letizia about... Read more

WANTED: A Home for Serayah

Sun Dec 20 2015 07:2521 min

Things really couldn’t go on the way they were at Serayah’s house. Her father couldn’t cope with taking care of her and... Read more

I Am Not Afraid of the Soldiers

Sun Dec 13 2015 07:2520 min

Soldiers who hurl tear gas at you, who watch you every day and even storm into your house to take your brother... Read more

The Feet of Manuela Solis Velasquez

Sun Dec 13 2015 03:4920 min

Manuela from Guatemala is always in her room, sitting on her wooden bed. She stares at the ceiling a bit, tickles her little brother or watches TV... Read more

Guillaume’s Wondrous World

Sun Nov 15 2015 07:2521 min

‘I want to live here!’ Like some sort of Alice in Wonderland, nine-year-old Guillaume wanders through the Dutch Children’s Book Museum. Read more

Not Made of Sugar

Sun Nov 08 2015 07:2520 min

Michelle is fed up with being heavier than most other girls, but doesn’t want to be a twig like her twin sister. Read more


Sun Nov 01 2015 07:2518 min

Ferry lives in the middle of the nature, where it looks like a holiday resort. A dream to a lot of children, but Ferry hates it. He wants nothing more, than to live... Read more