Pride and Prejudice

Sun Mar 26 2017 02:2215 min

The Malian-Dutch Emma tries her utmost best to feel home in the Netherlands, but encouters hardships living in-between two cultures... Read more

The Girl with the White Skin

Sun Mar 19 2017 02:1815 min

Anastazia lives in Tanzania, where almost everyone around her, including her parents, has a dark skin color. Anastazia is the only white person... Read more

Safia's Summer

Sun Mar 12 2017 02:1615 min

Safia lives in a refugee center and she has been waiting her entire life. First, she had to wait back home in Libya where she was not allowed... Read more

My Body, My Life

Sun Mar 05 2017 02:1715 min

Sabina comes to the conclusion that it is time for change. She demands her parents to give permission to become a woman without being circumcised... Read more

Merna in the Spotlight

Sun Mar 05 2017 02:1415 min

Read more

Jesser and the Sugarcane

Sun Feb 26 2017 02:1715 min

Jesser’s father is sick and suffers from severe kidney failure, like many other men in the village who cut sugarcanes. Unfortunately, there is no other work. Jesser is very scared... Read more

Chickens for Kimaru

Sun Feb 19 2017 02:1515 min

A couple of months ago, the father of the ten-years-old Kimaru passed away and now it is even more difficult for him to keep his head above the water. He lives... Read more

Dreams about my Father

Sun Feb 12 2017 02:1615 min

Damian has lived with his grandfather and grandmother for his entire life. His father passed away when he was on holidays in Cuba when Damian was four years old. For Damian, his grandparents feel like his real parents. But he does miss... Read more