PREVIEW The Girl with the White Skin

Sun Mar 19 2017 11:282 min

Anastazia lives in Tanzania, where almost everyone around her, including her parents, has a dark skin color. Anastazia is the only white person; she has Albinism. And that's a dangerous thing... Read more

PREVIEW Safia's Summer

Sun Mar 12 2017 07:252 min

Safia lives in a refugee center and she has been waiting her entire life. First, she had to wait back home in Libya where she was not allowed to go outside because of the war. Now she is waiting again because she... Read more

PREVIEW My Body, My Life

Sun Mar 05 2017 07:252 min

Sabina (12) belongs to the Masai-tribe in Kenya, an ethnic group full of colorful rituals that are lasting for centuries. Although she is proud of her cultural background, there is one rituals she is not too keen on... Read more

PREVIEW Jesser and the Sugarcane

Sun Feb 26 2017 07:252 min

Jesser and the Sugarcane premiered at IDFA 2016 and is selected for the Kids & Docs Competition. Read more

PREVIEW Chickens for Kimaru

Sun Feb 19 2017 07:252 min

A couple of months ago, the father of the ten-years-old Kimaru passed away and now it is even more difficult for him to keep his head above the water. He lives together with his mother and little sisters in the slums of Nairobi... Read more

PREVIEW Dreams about My Father

Sun Feb 12 2017 03:0615 min

Dreams about My Father premiered at the Noorderlijk Filmfestival 2016. You can watch the whole documentary here from spring 2017! Read more

PREVIEW Spotlight on Merna

Sun Feb 05 2017 07:252 min

Spotlight on Merna premiered at IDFA 2016 and is selected for the Kids & Docs Competition. This spring you can watch the whole documentary here! Read more

Trailer Just Kids

Thu Oct 15 2015 03:360 min

What’s Just Kids about? You can see here! Read more